Maddie Movement

Ushering in Breast Cancer Awareness month, Kerri M. Conner, author of “My Mommy Has Breast Cancer, But She Is Ok”, will present the ‘Maddie Movement’ – a statewide effort to make champions out of children in the fight against breast cancer!

A breast cancer survivor herself, Conner wrote “My Mommy Has Breast Cancer, But She Is Ok” with the purpose of inspiring women with breast cancer, as well as their young children, to continue the fight.  Readers join the main character Maddie and her mother as they embark on the journey from diagnosis to recovery. Likened to the journey of the butterfly that travels no less that 1,000 miles in its lifetime, Maddie’s mother experiences the difficulties of chemotherapy, skin discoloration, hair loss and bouts of nausea that come with having breast cancer. After traveling the same course that most survivors do, Maddie’s mother comes out of it, better than ever.  Maddie’s mother is now okay. At the end of the book, Maddie goes on to educate others of the lesson she learned.

The ‘Maddie Movement’ consist of a variety of events for not only breast cancer patients and survivors,  the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in their lives, but everyone.  We all know that if we live long enough, we will experience something.

“The Maddie Movement is an education awareness program, inspiring young children and their families to never give up despite what life throws their way,” says Conner. “In a time where children are faced with so many obstacles, I felt they needed something to encourage them to hang in there fight.  To never give up. That is what the Maddie Movement is all about.”  Maddie’s mother just so happened to have breast cancer, but it really could have been anything (loss of job, depression, or any other sickness)

While October tends to focus primarily on those who have battled and are currently battling the disease, the ‘Maddie Movement’ focuses on providing children a basic understanding of the disease (in a fun environment), and showing them that, as the book title implies, while mommy may have breast cancer, she is going to be okay. The campaign, like the book, seeks to empower young people, from ages 2 to 12 and give them the tools of basic understanding. Over games and children’s healthy living activities, kids will listen and learn how, just like Maddie, they too can become champions in the fight against Breast Cancer!

Photos from Previous Maddie Movement Events

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